Training Day2001

Training Day (2001) ตำรวจระห่ำ…คดไม่เป็น

Training Day 2001

Training Day The ambitious Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jake Hoyt has been promoted and assigned to Detective Alonzo, an acclaimed narcotics officer, for a one-day evaluation. The day begins by exploring Alonzo’s Monte Carlo and seeing college students purchasing marijuana. Alonzo takes the drugs away and offers Jake instructions on how to smoke the weed. Alonzo threatened Jake with a gun in the event that Jake did not smoke the pipe. He told him that he’d be killed in the event that he did not do it when he was on the streets. Alonzo informs Jake that the pipe is filled with with PCP.

Jake visits Roger the ex-cop turned drug dealer, and Roger. Jake sees two addicts attempting to sexually assault an 18-year-old girl who is in the alleyway. Alonzo is watching and snoops in, however, Jake intervenes. Alonzo is a bit scary for the addicts, when the girl escapes. Jake then finds the wallet of the girl and takes the money.

Alonzo and Jake are later arrested by Blue, an alleged dealer with crack and an loaded gun. Blue decides to notify Kevin “Sandman”, Miller about his employer, instead of being sent to prison. Alonzo steals the house of Sandman’s $40,000 using an untrue warrant for search. Alonzo and Sara the mistress of Alonzo visit their son and their son’s young child at lunch. Alonzo is greeted by three corrupt, high-ranking police officers he names”the “Three Wise Men”. They tell Alonzo that the Russian mafia is seeking him for a huge unpaid debt, and ask him to quit the city. Alonzo asserts that he is in charge of the situation and is willing to exchange $40,000 in exchange in exchange for an arrest warrant.

Alonzo, Jake and four other agents of narcotics use the warrant to go back to Roger’s house and take the property for $4 million. Alonzo keeps a quarter. Alonzo shoots Roger when Jake refused to kill him. Then, he stages the scene along with his men in order to appear justifiable. Furious Jake is caught in an Mexican confrontation and Alonzo threatens Jake (having planned the day’s events ahead of time) by warning Jake of the LAPD’s routine Blood Test that will reveal the PCP-laced marijuana Jake had smoked prior to. Jake accepts Alonzo’s offer to safeguard him in exchange in exchange for his cooperation.

Alonzo later takes Jake to the home of an sureno criminal known as “Smiley” to run an late-night run. In the meantime, waiting for Alonzo, Jake reluctantly plays poker with Smiley and his gangmates. Smiley tells Alonzo’s story to them while they talk: Alonzo must pay $1,000,000 to the Russians at midnight to be convicted of killing one of their soldiers in Las Vegas or be executed by himself. Jake is aware that Alonzo has left him and has hired Smiley to murder them. He attempts to escape but is stopped by Smiley and is beaten prior to being taken to the bathroom , where the execution will take place. A gang member search Jake for cash before they can execute him. Jake finds the wallet of a teenager who is the cousin of Smiley. Smiley contacts his cousin to verify that Jake helped her.

Jake returns to Sara’s home to detain Alonzo just when Roger is about to go to pay the Russians. Alonzo is beaten down on the street following an encounter with a gun and chase. The entire neighborhood is watching. Alonzo promises to pay cash to anyone who is killed by Jake. Jake accepts the money and plans to make use of it against Alonzo. Jake is then allowed to leave by the gang in the neighborhood. Alonzo is furious and threatens to take revenge on the gang members, but the group is not impressed and leave.

Alonzo is a fugitive who runs in the direction of LAX however, he is shot and captured by the Russians. Jake returns home following the death of Alonzo is covered in the press.

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